Club subscription: Guaranteed Tickets with a Rake Back of 40% for the club

The principle is simple: GoTO-live rakes back 40% of the sum of all the subscription amounts in the form of Sponsorship Tickets for each of the members of the club with individual subscriptions on GoTO-live (via the XXXXXXX club code)

The 40% rake back is linked to the ‘70-30 Sponsorship Tickets’              

which are excluded from GoTO-live selection and the club is responsible for their assignment.

For Clubs with several Sponsorship Tickets, the tickets can be converted into other forms in accordance with GTL and the internal club rules.

The clubs will have their own ‘Challenger League’ and will send their champions to a French-speaking national final. Selections are made by the club

Club members are also individual members with access to all the GoTO-live offers, and are entitled to join an individual Challenger League

If any of your members have not used the Club code, send us an email at with their first and last names and date and place of birth, and we will classify them as a member of your club

Individual Members

We can put GoTO-live members who do not belong to a club but who would like to in touch with one or more clubs in the region.

Members who are not club-orientated but who would still like to be grouped together to enjoy the benefits clubs receive should contact us by email at; a solution is coming soon.